Electech Micro-soldering

Micro-soldering / Board Level Repairs

  Electech offers full service iPhone logic board repair. All board level repairs are done in-house making it much faster than others that will mail your iDevice away. 

  There are many components on the logic board that can fail. These components can fail for many reasons including, but not limited to;

  • Bad / Cheap Lightning Cables
  • Bad / Cheap Power Blocks
  • Technician Damage (While replacing the screen)
  • Aftermarket Screens & Small Parts
  • Dropping / Impact Damage
  • Liquid Damage

  Electech has serviced tens of thousands of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Don't trust just anyone with your repair needs. If you have an Apple™ device that you've been told can't be fixed, bring it by Electech for a professional diagnosis. Electech can make the repairs necessary to bring your iPhone back to life.