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Original VS Copy Digital Interface (LCD)


Cheap copy screen manufacturers must concentrate on "compatibility" with an iPhone, not "quality". Remember, their goal is to make a cheap copy screen. They are made with TFT LCDs. Apple screens are both "highest quality and obviously compatible". They are made with Retina LCDs. Because we rebuild your original Apple screen, the quality and compatibility are already there making our glass only & original LCD screen repair better from the start. Apple Retina displays are superior to normal TFT LCD displays with wider viewing angles and lower power consumption which leads to a much improved battery life. Retina-LCDs are costlier than normal TFT LCDs. Cheap copy LCD's just don't perform as well as the original. With different chipsets and cheaper glass, copy screens won't last. They can lag, have poor resolution, color, and poor 3D touch function when compared to an Original Apple Screen. The image above shows a copy LCD on the left next to an original LCD on the right. You can easily see the difference in color. Our iPhone screen repair is hands down the best iPhone repair in Amarillo. 

Glass Only Repair


When another "expert" says glass only repair can't be done on an iPhone or select iPads, don't believe it. Electech Cell Phone repair in Amarillo has the technology, skills, and equipment to retain your Original Apple™ Digital Interface (LCD). Don't worry if you have a broken LCD as well. We purchase cracked, but fully functional Original Apple™ LCD's from all over the country. With our High Tech equipment & skills, our screens are the best screens available. We actually pay more for cracked Original Apple™ LCD's than we can buy new copy LCD assemblies for. Trust us, it's worth it. We offer the best iPhone repair in Amarillo. Thanks for taking the time to read this informative section.

Liquid Glass


Glass is naturally a porous material.  Liquid glass coats your device on a molecular level and hardens it, making it stronger.  Liquid glass also provides protection in 4 ways:

1. 9H Hardness resists breaking

2. Scratch resistance to keep screen looking new

3. Hydrophobic to help with liquid resistance

4. Anti-Bacterial coating to keep screen clean

iPhone 7 Glass only Repair

This video shows a quick run through of the steps taken in an iPhone glass only repair.