About Us

Your iPhone is an extremely complex computer worth $100's to over $1000

We are aware of our competitors offering prices at levels we just can't match. It is not our goal to be the cheapest in town. However, it is our goal to offer the Highest Quality iPhone repair available. We sleep with a clear conscience. It seems like we see on a daily basis customers that have had a bad experience with iPhone screen repair from another "expert". Over the years we have learned, improved, and sharpened our skills to the highest level yet. We learn more every day and it is our goal to always provide our customers with the Highest Quality iPhone repair we can. We've tried to save money several  years ago by offering copy iPhone screens. We had returns at an unacceptable level. This is when We made the decision to push hard, find good vendors, and always use only the highest quality parts. This was more difficult than you would think. Because of this, we turned to rebuilding our own iPhone screens. Trust us, this was not easy. Maybe, 1 of 500 shops are able to create Original Apple™ rebuilt screens at the level of quality we can. And we get better every day. 

Crazy amount of Experience

 Electech has serviced thousands of electronic devices.  Rest assured your device will receive the attention to fine detail that  is required to make a successful  repair. Electech's professional  technicians provide a fast turnaround time with high quality replacement  parts for cell phones, iPods, iPads, and tablets. The experience of  Electech technicians is second to none.  

An insult to the industry

 Circumstances in China will cause the market to be FLOODED with LOW QUALITY LCD replacements for iPhones. Repair shops are selling these  as A+++ screen replacements. We will not sell these parts. We will only use original Apple™ LCD's so you receive a trouble free repair.